Barnea 750 ml Acidity level-0.41%
Barnea 750 ml Acidity level-0.41%

Barnea 750 ml Acidity level-0.41%


    One of the new species (at least in its commercial form today) was developed by Prof. Shimon Lavie, whose name originates in the region of Kadesh Barnea and hence its name, the tree grows taller, in a "cypress" form, growing rapidly and yielding stable crops. Very much in all new plantings in Israel and around the world.

    Its fruits are relatively large and have a special shape, elongated with a prominent pitum at the tip of the fruit, which makes it very easy to identify the species at first glance. Despite the large fruit, it is hardly used as a pickling straw, but mainly for oil.

    The percentage of oil is medium, between 18% -20% oil. The taste of the oil is very different at different olive harvest times (green fruit, semi-ripe or ripe). Barnea oil presents a very large variance among different habitats - in the Golan, for example, it tends to have a dominant flavor, with considerable bitterness. As you move towards the coastal plain and the plain, the bitterness will be refined and the taste of the oil will be gentler. In the Negev, for example, the Barnea is described as delicate, fruity, without bitterness and sharpness (or subtle acuity).

    About the product
    • 100% Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil fresh from the Golan Heights in Israel
    • Gold Medal Winner - Terra Olivo-Mediterranean International Olive Oil Competition
    • Kosher Fresh and Delicious! 
    • Rich in antioxidants with numerous other health benefits
    • Contains no more than 0.5% free fatty acid | anointing oil


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