Eretz Gshur oil presents a modern, revolutionary conception in the field of high quality olive oil production.

As in wine industry, a revolution in olive oil industry took place as well. Consequent to the increasing need for oil and its common use, a need to distinguish between the different oils arose, as well as the need to choose the most healthy and highest quality ones, and a perfect adaption to different uses in the gourmet kitchen. Eretz Gshur oil, from Gshur kibbutz in southern Golan Heights, is the first of its kind to apply strict and advanced methods of growing that were adopted from grapes growing field for wine; thereby it meets the increasing need for a series of high quality species oils. In the world, about two thousand species of olives, which have been developed in a way that will be suitable for the environment and for the preferences of the people in the different areas, are sold. In order to offer a wide variety of tastes, over five hundred dunams of vineyards with ten diffrenet species of olives were planted in Gshur, each with its typical tastes and aromas. The vineyards are treated with emphasis on the product quality.

The trees were shaped for mechanized harvest with grapes harvester which was adapted to harvest the olives as in grapes vineyard. We follow the maturation of each species and harvest each of them in its right level of maturity in order to maximize the effect of its unique aromas. Using the mechanical harvester allows to determine the exact harvesting date. The high efficiency achieved this way reduces the number of hours between harvesting the olives to the moment of oil creation in the olive press.

Oils Series.

tastes revolution There are eight oil species in the Eretz Gshur series. Each species has its unique aroma and uses. In order to help you pick the right kinds for you, we have made the tastes wheel – a tool to characterize the oil using an illustration describing its main features. The thickness of each circle sector presents the strength of the taste noted next to it. Three taste features: sharpness, bitterness and sweetness, two aroma features: fruity and leafy and a sixth feature: oiliness, which refers to the texture of the oil.